About PCI Labs

PCI Labs is a supplier of transparent polymeric Optical Display Filters as well as Contrast Enhancement Filters, RFI/EMC Shielded Windows and Display Fascia Panels.

PCI Labs’ Chromafilters are colored PC or PMMA (acrylic) filters coated with VueGuard coatings. They are used to protect, preserve, enhance the appearance, improve the function, performance and durability of thermoplastic displays in high technology markets.  Chromafilters selectively transmit light of different wavelengths.

Chromafilter Display Filters


Chromafilter® coated color Display Filters provide excellent contrast enhancement, glare reduction, reduce reflection and offer superior physical protection for optimum resolution for all types of optoelectronic displays, graphic overlays, diffusers, covers and panels.

Made by PCI Labs - Made in the USA


PCI Labs is seeking for the Chromafilter Division a manufacturing expert for cast acrylic-colored sheets. Extensive experience is required in the manufacture of colored sheets 30” x 60”, ranging in thickness from .030” to .250”. Interested candidates can send resumes to info@pcilabsllc.com