Applications for Chromafilters

Markets Served

applications for chromafilters
Automotive: Instrumentation Interior & Exterior Lighting
Rear& Side PC Panels

Aviation: Gauges Instruments
EMI Shielding Windows
Displays, Exterior Lighting
Airport Message Boards
Optical: Lenses, Face Shields,
Sports Eyewear, Riot Helmets,
Night Vision

Consumer Electronics: Molded
Display Windows, Panels and
Portable Devices, Cellular
Phone Displays
Computer Keyboards &

Test Laboratory Instruments:
Displays, LCD, GPS Units,
Machine Guards

Medical: Display and Panels

POS Terminals, Glazing, Bar Code Scanners, Marine Instruments, Graphic Signage, Appliances, Retail Displays
Architectural Glazing
Sports and Recreation:
Face Shields
Safety Goggles

Customers Include