Plastic Scratch Test

PCI Labs’ Steel Wool Scratch Testers are used to evaluate accelerated resistance to abrasion, wear, scratch, scuff, scrape, rub and susceptibility to mar for a variety of materials and hard coated plastics/lenses, referenced in numerous worldwide standards: ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN, MIL, JIS, TAPPI , AR Council, etc..

Steel Wool Scratch Testers

Scratch Tester – 188 Manual Rotary Abrader
Scratch Tester – 288 Automatic Rotary Abrader
Scratch Tester – 388 Automatic Linear Abrader
Scratch Tester – 488 High Precision, Automatic Rotary Abrader
Scratch Tester – 588 High Precision, Automatic Linear Abrader.

scratch testers

Provide visual qualitative data to accurately predict service life of plastic surfaces for reliable Quality Control and quantitative standards needed to develop performance specifications.

The Scratch Testers perform simple, quick, reproducible and reliable test methods used to evaluate the scratch resistance of “hard coated” plastics and various other materials, matching real-world failures for coatings, lenses, filters and displays found on many opto-electronic devices. These test abraders use a fixed steel wool pad or other scrubbing material on the bottom of a shaft, while carrying a variable load from 1 lb to 50 lbs per square inch, to induce deformation on test specimens. The resistance to scratching as well as haze formation, after a predetermined number of strokes may be observed and measured in a controlled manner, accurately predicting service life of substrates. Repeating the test on various locations on the same surface can be used to quickly evaluate a coating’s uniform quality.

Haze formation on transparent coated plastics may be created using various abrasion techniques, yet plastics fail due to scratching rather than abrasion. This test methodology overcomes the various well-known limitations with the Abrasion Test and Falling Emory Test. From changes in the optical properties due to scratching by steel wool, the measure of the material’s long term resistance to deformation can be developed.

Abrasion Resistance Testers

Bayer Abrasion Tester – 300 Evaluate Abrasion Resistance of Plastics and Coatings
(ASTM F735-94:2001)

QC Abrasion Tester – 400 Evaluate Wear Resistance of Substrates and Coatings
(ASTM D4060-01, ASTM D1044-99, ISO 7784-2)

Plastic Scratch Test Apparatus Accessories

1. Optional Weights
2. Scrubbing Materials and Brushes
3. Lens Adapters
4. Steel Wool Holders

All Scratch and Abrasion Testers come with our standard sixty-day warranty on all parts and labor. An additional, 3 year warranty may be purchased for US $500. Each test machine is built to order. Please allow 60 days for delivery.