Rotary Steel Wool
Scratch Testers

The abrasion resistance of optically clear, thermoplastic coated and uncoated surfaces is of great interest to industry. Scratches not only alter surface properties, aesthetics and reflected image, but also can lead to premature failure. The identification and characterization of surface wear and tear is paramount in R&D, critical to quality and process control in meeting customer performance expectations. The rotary steel wool scratch test is a quick method that provides qualitative data to accurately predict service life of coatings and quantitative data needed to develop product performance specifications.

Haze formation and material removal on transparent coated plastic surfaces, can be induced by various wear modes; yet, coated plastics in electronic devices fail due to surface scratching rather than abrasion wear by repetitive or continuous load conditions.

PCI Labs’ Rotary Scratch Testers add real value in the laboratory evaluation of abrasion wear resistance by offering reliable and standardized results. From changes in the optical properties due to scratching by steel wool (or other scrubbing media) on coated and uncoated surfaces, the measure of the material’s long term scratch resistance can be obtained.

scratch testers