LCD Filters

Chromafilter Display Filters
Some Liquid crystal Displays require characterization to be performed to address temperature and viewing angle problems. PCI offers a special filter, the LS 001 Chromafilter, which has a light transmittance of 100% compared to transparent acrylic. It addresses the luminance, contrast and color fidelity degradation at angles other than the optimum viewing axis.

The Properties of PMMA LCD Filters

The Chromafilter LS 001 is produced in transparent acrylic with integrated light guiding material. The filter has the same high transmittance as transparent acrylic, but unlike that material, LS 001 provides increased contrast and thus greater readability. The properties of LS001 filters can be combined with other colors and in particular, Solaris™ broad-band filters. The Chromafilter LS 001 not only protects the LCD against physical effects, but the filter also absorbs the sun’s harmful UV rays below 400 nm. The high degree of light transmittance through the filter results from the fact that the acrylic monomer (MMA) which is used as raw material is filtered down to 7 microns before molding.

Further Refinement

The transparent LCD filters can be supplied with a Mat-Finish surface treatment, which prevents distracting reflections from the surroundings without reducing the quality of the signal. The filters can be produced as EMC- Display filters which have an embedded metal mesh forthe attenuation of EMI. Chromafilters can be machined, using laser cutting and milling techniques. The filters can also be supplied with silk screen printing.
lcd filters
Technical Data
  • Thickness from 0.5mm.
  • Tolerance down to +/-0.1mm.
  • Dimensions up to 1500 x 1000mm.
  • 20 standard colors.
  • Optimized to VFD UV block up to 400 mm