Infrared Filters

Chromafilter Display Filters
Infrared filters are used in remote control units, security systems, sensors, scanners, IR cameras and other areas where there is a need to exclude visible light. The use of infrared filters has increased with the development of photometric systems. Acrylic is the most suitable base material for the transmission of light in the near infrared region. The Chromafilter® Infrared Filter, which is a broadband filter in the range 800-2000 nanometers, absorbs the entire visible spectrum and ultraviolet rays and provides maximum transmittance for display with near infrared light. The filter has a transmittance of up to 96% in the near infrared region and prevents the penetration of light with wavelengths below 740 nm.

Technical Data
● Light transmittance up to 96% from 800-2000
nm in comparison to transparent acrylic
● Thickness from 0.5 mm
● Tolerance down to +/-0.1 mm
● Steep cut-on
● Dimensions up to 1500 x 1000 mm

infrared filters

Transmittance Curves for Infrared Filters

Chromafilter® S 306

Chromafilter® S 306