Diffusion Filters

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Chromafilter® Diffusion Filters

Diffusion filters are typically used for backlighted LCD modules such as Information Display Booths at airports, but also for keyboards and instruments in which a combination of the greatest possible light transmittance and a controlled dispersion of light diffusion is required. The readability of backlighted LCD is often negatively affected by sunlight, surrounding sources of light and reflections. The Chromafilter Diffusion Filters give the LCD light source the maximum effect, while at the same time create a contrast background which makes the information clear. The diffuser’s special properties occur by mixing raw materials with different refractive indices. The filter therefore contains no pigments, which can hinder light transmission, thus an ideal diffusion of light is achieved. The diffusion filter is placed close to the light source so that diffusion occurs before the light hits the LCD modules. With a diffusion filter, a maximum amount of light is distributed to the LCD, and only a minimal amount of parallel light leaves the filter.
diffusion filters