Contrast Enhancement Filters for Display Readout Windows

Chromafilter Display Filters

Chromafilter® is used to enhance the readability of all types of optoelectronic and video displays.

Clear Chromafilter® reduces glare for non-energy-emitting displays such as liquid crystal types.

Neutral gray Chromafilter® materials are used additionally to improve display contrast by reducing the light transmitted from the unit portion of the display devices as in white phosphor or full-color CRT monitors, vacuum fluorescent, plasma, LED, and EL displays.

Colored Chromafilter®, with light transmission properties matched to the spectral energy output of the display device itself, makes characters stand out in vivid contrast on the non-reflective surface.  Ambient light, which would otherwise be reflected from the display, is absorbed as it passes through the filter and back again providing contrast enhancement.  The Vueguard 901® front-surface anti-glare coating dramatically reduces specular reflection.  A unique Anti-Newton Ring rear surface treatment may be used to cancel annoying interference patterns developed when plastic surfaces come in contact.

LED, LE, VFD, PDP, FPD, plasma/gas discharge, incandescent, and monochrome CRT displays all employ colored Chromafilter®.  Chromafilter® standard sheets are available in polycarbonate or acrylic in thickness from .030” (.76mm) to .125” (3.18mm).

contrast enhancement filters

Eliminate Glare • Maintain High Resolution • Improve Readability

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